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NAM's Online Voting Record

This is the NAM Online Voting Record.  Each vote was selected by executives from small, medium and large manufacturing firms serving on the NAM's Key Vote Advisory Committee (KVAC).  Working in close coordination with NAM staff, the KVAC used the following guidelines in selecting votes: 

  • Votes must be on issues on which the NAM took clear positions and either:  a) expressed this position in communications to Congress prior to the vote; or b) communicated its position to Congress with regularity in the recent past. 
  • Votes must be recorded floor votes.  Voice votes, committee/subcommittee votes and conference committee votes will not be considered.
  • Votes should be substantive.  Procedural votes should be used only in cases where they were a true measure of support or opposition to the bill.
  • Votes may be on final passage or on key amendments.

The NAM is non-partisan and does not endorse candidates.  But we are aggressively seeking to influence the terms of public-policy debates, to reward members of Congress who have supported our agenda and to tell those who have been on the wrong side of the issues that America's manufacturers and workers expect better from our elected officials.  We encourage NAM members to publicly thank winners of the NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence for their support of pro-growth, pro-manufacturing policies.  To view winners of the most current NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence, click here.  To learn more about the Award and how winners are determined, you may click here.

113th Congress – Senate Voting Record
113th Congress – House Voting Record

112th Congress - Senate Voting Record
112th Congress - House Voting Record 

111th Congress - Senate Voting Record 
111th Congress - House Voting Record  

110th Congress - Senate Voting Record
110th Congress - House Voting Record 

109th Congress - Senate Voting Record
109th Congress - House Voting Record

108th Congress - Senate Voting Record
108th Congress - House Voting Record

107th Congress - Senate Voting Record
107th Congress - House Voting Record

106th Congress - Senate Voting Record
106th Congress - House Voting Record

105th Congress - Senate Voting Record
105th Congress - House Voting Record

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