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2016 GCA Legislative Post Session Report
As of July 26, 2016

Legislative Subject Matter GCA Position Summary of Legislation.

Procurement Measure - Signed into Law

HB 2060 (2016) - Act 253

GCA opposed this measure and requested that Governor veto the bill, however he signed it into law.



Requires a procurement officer to make a written determination whether a price is fair and reasonable for each contracting agency, including change orders and contract modificaitons that adjust prices. In theory it is a best management practice to ensure cost is fair and reasonable and is already common practice, but to now require a procurement officer to sign off on such and mandate it by law, there may be delay in approval of such. The delay of approving change orders may result in further delay in completion of a project particularly if a change order is necessary to complete a project, whether owner or contractor initiated.

Mandate Past Performance criteria for low bid public works construction

SB 2501 (2016)

(Bill DEAD)

GCA opposed this measure and requested more time for the Procurement Past Performance Task Force to discuss it.


This measure proposed to mandate the use of past performance criteria of all contractors in low bid public works construciton projects to determine qualifications for a job. GCA objected to adoption of such drastic changes to Hawaii's procurement code without proper feedback and information from the indutry that it would impact the most. Act 182 passed in 182 extended the 2013 Procurement Task Force to study this issue, however the parties have not met to further discuss this matter. GCA's main concern was with regard to how it could potentially increase protests, delays and other challenges.

Worker’s Compensation  GCA PRIORITY BILL

SB 1174 (2015)

(Bill DEAD)

GCA opposed to this measure for past four sessions. In 2016 bill did not receive a hearing and was not reintroduced.


A Bill RELATING TO WORKERS COMPENSATION proposes to change the Employer’s Medical Examination to require mutual agreed to doctor.

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