How To Address Government Officials


 Person  Letter Greeting   Spoken Greeting
 President of the United States  Dear Mr. (or Madam) President Mr. (or Madam) President
 Vice President  Dear Mr. (or Madam) Vice President Mr. (or Madam) Vice President
 Cabinet members  Dear Mr. (or Madam) Secretary Mr. (or Madam) Secretary
 Chief Justice  Dear Mr. (or Madam) Justice or Dear Mr. (or Madam) Chief Justice Mr. (or Madam) Chief Justice
 Associate Justice  Dear Mr. (or Madam) Justice Mr. Justice or Mr. Justice Jones; Madam Justice or Madam Justice Jones
 United States Senator  Dear Senator Jones Senator Jones
 Speaker of the House  Dear Mr. (or Madam) Speaker Mr. Speaker; Madam Speaker
 United States Representative  Dear Mr. (or Mrs., Ms.) Jones Mr. (or Mrs., Ms.) Jones
 Ambassador  Dear Mr. (or Madam) Ambassador Mr. (or Madam) Ambassador
 Governor  Dear Governor Jones Governor or Governor Jones
 State Legislators  Dear Mr. (or Mrs. , Ms.) Jones Mr. (or Mrs., Ms.) Jones
 Judges  Dear Judge Jones Mr. Justice or Judge Jones; Madam Justice or Judge Jones
 Mayor  Dear Mayor Jones Mayor Jones; Mr. (Or Madam) Mayor; Your Honor


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