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Scott Pruitt
PO Box 30356
Edmond OK 73003-0006
(405) 684-1103
Co-Owner of OKC RedHawks






Candidate Priorities: 

1. What are your two highest priorities to grow Oklahoma's economy?

Scott Pruitt - During my tenure in the State Senate, I was an advocate for expanding both personal and economic freedom - and believe the two are intricately related. To promote economic freedom, I believe we have to stop the growth of government and allow taxpayers to keep more of their hard earned dollars. As such I have been one of the leading proponents of eliminating the state income tax. But that alone is not enough. We must also aggressively attack the legislature's efforts to redefine 'taxes' as 'fees'.

Secondly, I believe we have to address workers' compensation and tort reform issues to fundamentally change the 'jackpot justice' culture that is too prevalent in the state. I have been the leading advocate for real workers' compensation reform and believe that our class action situation needs to be addressed. Oklahoma is currently at a competitive disadvantage in both the nation and the world due to a burdensome court system. This encourages investment dollars - and the accompanying jobs - to go elsewhere. We have to fix this situation.

2. Is there anything else you'd like voters to know about you and your campaign?

Scott Pruitt - I will be a new type of Attorney General. I will be an activist Attorney General, but from the conservative side of the political spectrum. I will shift existing resources to create an 'Office of Federalism' whose task it will be to keep the federal government from unduly burdening Oklahomans and Oklahoma businesses. I will have a no-nonsense approach to crime, and will be an advocate for victims' rights, while aggressively prosecuting and punishing crimes against children.

Another important aspect of my serving as Attorney General is that I will open-up the competitive bidding process for those attorneys who contract with the office. I will seek to reduce those working on a contingency basis, and will seek every opportunity for resolution prior to filing a lawsuit. Far too often, even our government has fallen into the 'jackpot justice' mentality mentioned in the earlier question. Lawsuits should not become a way to fund government.






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