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About the Wyoming Prosperity Project

The Wyoming Prosperity Project (WP2) is a non-partisan effort dedicated to research and dissemination of information on the attitudes of Wyoming's legislators, candidates and state elected officials on matters affecting businesses and their employees. 

WP2 promotes good government by helping employers and their employees learn about the people and policies that impact their jobs by providing tools to shape political and policy outcomes.  The Wyoming Prosperity Project's goal is to create a more accountable democracy, improved economy and better quality life in the state.

Partners in the Wyoming P2 Project are Wyoming Chamber Parternship (WCP) and Business Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC). 

WCP supports a core set of principles that will be used to evaluate public policies, and their effect on general business, at the local, state and national level of legislative and regulatory making policy bodies.  WCP's principles are based on the tenant that business and its prosperity are the foundation of our country and that entrepreneurialism protects the American Dream. Capitalism and free enterprise are the bedrock of a secure economy. A strong nation, state and community exist through a strong military, tax policy that is not punitive or that picks winners and losers, an infrastructure – physical and socially – that meets the local community needs, an education system that allows personal advancement and achievement and the availability and access to health care.

BIPAC was founded in 1963 with the goal of electing pro-prosperity candidates to higher office. Enhancing member policy influence remains the BIPAC vision today. An independent, bipartisan organization, BIPAC is supported by several hundred of the nation’s leading businesses and trade associations.  Business Industry Political Action Committee enables more effective business participation in the political process. It does not lobby. Instead, BIPAC offers a wide range of tools and strategies to help more than 4,000 businesses and associations reach their public policy goals.  BIPAC takes an integrated approach to political involvement, combining grassroots advocacy and PAC Resources, all directed by nationally-recognized political analysis.

This web site provides comprehensive information about issues and challenges facing Wyoming, serving as a reference to increase awareness and facilitate informed participation in the legislative and election processes.

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