Make Transportation Job #1

At a time when our roads, bridges, and transit systems are crumbling and congested, over 2.2 million construction workers have lost their jobs.

Investing in transportation infrastructure is an investment in our community. It will help put many of those unemployed men and women back to work NOW while giving our American businesses a decades-long advantage over our global economic competitors. And, with construction material prices consistently on the rise, taxpayers’ return on transportation investment TODAY will be greater than if Congress pushes it back until tomorrow.

So please, join the 33,000 member companies of the Associated General Contractors of America in supporting smart investments in jobs and America's long-term success. Let’s tell Congress to Make Transportation Job #1 and invest in our communities, our people and our transportation infrastructure.

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I’m signing this petition to urge you to support Make Transportation Job #1 in 2012 and pass a multi-year highway and transit bill that does not merely maintain, but improves America’s decaying surface transportation infrastructure network. 

The nation’s transportation system in our community is failing, costing individual users and businesses billions. Nearly one-third of roads are in poor or mediocre condition and one-fourth of the nation's bridges are either structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. The lack of a long-term highway and transit bill only adds to the uncertainty in the business community.  When construction companies don’t invest in new equipment, hire employees, and generally hold off on making any significant business decisions it has a ripple effect throughout the entire economy.  By passing a multi-year highway and transit bill Congress can play a significant role in injecting some much needed certainty and confidence back into our nation’s economy.

Adequately investing in our nation’s roads, bridges and transit systems will generate needed economic growth.  According to George Mason University Professor Stephen Fuller, each $1 billion in non-residential construction investment supports 28,000 jobs—9,700 direct construction, 4,600 supply services and 14,300 in non-direct construction—and adds $3.4 billion to our gross domestic product.

Given these facts, it is obvious that our community needs this legislation NOW! I urge you to Make Transportation Job #1 and move legislation immediately in the House and Senate to invest in the roads, bridges, transit systems that are vital to thefuture economic success of our community.

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