Statewide Analysis

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Donald Trump won Alaska's three electoral votes.  Alaska has been a solid pickup for Republican Presidential candidates since 1968.

Senator Murkowski (R) was re-elected over a crowded field.

Representative Don Young (R) was re-elected to his 23rd term in Congress.

Other Notable Election Results:

All 40 seats in the Alaska House of Representatives were up this election.  Prior to the election Republicans held 23 seats to the Democrats 16 seats and 1 Independent.  After the election the Republican controlled House now holds 21 seats of the 40 in the Alaska House of Representatives. In the Alaska Senate 10 of the chambers 20 seats were up in 2016.  Republicans held a 14 seat majority in the Senate prior to the election and Democrats had no path to regaining the majority in 2016.   The majority did not change in the elction and remains the same 14 to 6 seat breakdown in the Alaska State Senate.  


Race by Race Details

Alaska Senate
Percent Reporting: 99    Last Update: 11/14/2016 3:35:02 PM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Breck Craig (Independent)  .8%
Theodore Gianoutsos (Independent)  .6%
Sidney Hill (Write-In)   
Paul Kendall (Write-In)   
Ray Metcalfe (Democratic Party)  11.1%
Joseph Miller (Libertarian Party)  29.5%
Rob Mulford (Write-In)   
Lisa Murkowski (Republican Party)  44.3% Winner
Margaret Stock (Independent)  13.7%
Jed Whittaker (Write-In)   
Incumbent Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski was re-elected to her third full term. Senator Murkowski at one point looked to be headed to a tough campaign for her seat, but when former Senator Mark Begich declined to challenge her the race was down rated. Senator Murkowski will continue to play a key role in any legislation before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee.

Alaska Congressional District 01
Percent Reporting: 99    Last Update: 11/14/2016 11:35:34 AM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Zachary Kile (Alaskan Independence Party)   
Steve Lindbeck (Democratic Party)  36.5%
Jim McDermott (Libertarian Party)  10.1%
Bernie Souphanavong (Independent)  2.9%
Stephen Wright (Write-In)   
Don Young (Republican Party)  50.5% Winner
Since 1973 Representative Don Young (R) has been the at-large U.S. Representative from Alaska. He was re-elected tonight to serve 23rd term in the U.S. House and is the most senior Republican in the House.

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