Statewide Analysis

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Hillary Clinton won the three electoral college votes from Delaware. Delaware is a solid blue state and shows no signs of breaking from the Democratic column.

Lisa Blunt Rochester (D) won the open seat of Rep. John Carney (D) over former Wyoming Mayor Hans Reigle (R).
Congressman John Carney (D) won the governorship for the state of Delaware over state Senator Colin Bonini (R). Carney had previously served six years in the U.S. House representing Delaware and two terms as Delaware's governor.

Other Notable Election Results:
Democrats maintained control of both chambers in Dover.  Currently the Delaware State Senate is tied with 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans.  The Delaware State Senate is awaiting a vacancy in seat to be filled with the election of state Senator Bethany Hall-Long to Lieutenant Governor.   The surprise of the election was Senate President Pro Tempore Patricia Blevins losing to Republican Anthony Delcollo in the election reducing the Democratic majority by one.  In the Delaware House of Representatives the Democrats picked up XX seats to add to their existing 25 seats of the 41 total seats in that Chamber.


Race by Race Details

Delaware Congressional District 01
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/9/2016 4:46:39 PM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Robert Franz (Write-In)   
Scott Gesty (Libertarian Party)  1.5%
Rachelle Linney (Write-In)   
Mark Perri (Green Party)  2%
Hans Reigle (Republican Party)  41%
Lisa Rochester (Democratic Party)  55.5% Winner
Campbell Smith (Write-In)   
Russell Walker (Write-In)   
Lisa Blunt Rochester (D) won the open seat left by Representative John Carney (D) who decided to run for Governor of Delaware. Rochester is the former Delaware State Secretary of Labor.

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