Statewide Analysis

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Hillary Clinton won Nevada's six electoral colleges.  Nevada had been one of the biggest swing states in this years election and Clinton edged out Donald Trump with just 2.4% more of the vote.  Clinton's win was part of one of the few bright spots in the nation that Democrats could look to on election night, with Democrats sweeping races up down the ballot in Nevada.

Former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto (D) defeated United States Representative Joe Heck (R) for the open senate seat of the retiring Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D).

Democrats flipped two of the U.S. House seats from Nevada to their column and now control three of the state's four seats in the United States House of Representatives.  

Other Notable Election Results:
Nevada saw its state house experience a shift from Republican control to Democrats now holding the majorities in both chambers. In the Nevada State Assembly Democrats won 10 new seats and hold a majority of 27 seats to the Republicans holding 10 seats after the November election.  The Nevada State Sentate saw the Democrats pick up one seat and not the chamber is made up of 11 Democrats, 9 Republicans, and 1 independent.  Four ballot questions in Nevada were approved by the voters in that state.  Two of those questions approved background check for gun purchases and leagalized marijuana.  Another question allowed for a sales tax exemption for medical equipment.  Then the fourth question dealt with deregulating the Nevada energy and providing Nevada with an open and competitive retail electric energy market.  This question requries the legislature to establish this open market, but it will then be voted on again by the voters in 2018.


Race by Race Details

Nevada Senate
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/16/2016 9:05:06 AM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Catherine Cortez-Masto (Democratic Party)  47.1% Winner
Tony Gumina (Independent)  1%
Joe Heck (Republican Party)  44.7%
Tom Jones (Independent American Party)  1.5%
Thomas Sawyer (Independent)  1.3%
Jarrod Williams (Independent)  0.6%
Former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto (D) defeated United States Representative Joe Heck (R) for the open Senate seat of the retiring Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D). This was considered to be the only real shot that Republicans had of picking up a seat from Democrats in the Senate this cycle. This race was highly contested by both parties and over $100 million total was spent by both campaigns and outside groups on the race. Polling had shown this race leaning towards Heck, but the advantage of a Democratic sweep in the state and Reid's organization put Cortez Masto on top. Cortez Masto is the first Latina elected to the U.S. Senate.

Nevada Congressional District 01
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/9/2016 4:26:16 AM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Kamau Bakari (Independent American Party)  2%
Reuben D'Silva (Independent)  7.4%
Mary Perry (Republican Party)  28.8%
Dina Titus (Democratic Party)  61.8% Winner

Nevada Congressional District 02
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/14/2016 1:43:41 PM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Mark Amodei (Republican Party)  58.3% Winner
Chip Evans (Democratic Party)  36.9%
John Everhart (Independent American Party)  2.8%
Drew Knight (Independent)  2.0%

Nevada Congressional District 03
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/16/2016 9:07:48 AM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
David Goossen (Independent)  3.1%
Warren Markowitz (Independent American Party)  3.7%
Jacklyn Rosen (Democratic Party)  47.2% Winner
Danny Tarkanian (Republican Party)  46%
Jacklyn Rosen (D) a Las Vegas community leader defeated Danny Tarkanian (R) for the open seat vacated by incumbent U.S. Representative Joe Heck's decision to run for the U.S. Senate. Rosen was a beneficiary of U.S. Senator Harry Reid's organization in terms of both financial support and field operations. This district does not tilt wildly one way or the other and the close election results of 2016 prove that to be very true.

Nevada Congressional District 04
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/16/2016 9:09:30 AM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Steven Brown (Libertarian Party)  3.8%
Cresent Hardy (Republican Party)  44.5%
Ruben Kihuen (Democratic Party)  48.5% Winner
Michael Little (Independent American Party)  3.1%
State senator Ruben Kihuen (D) unseated incumbent U.S. Representative Cresent Hardy (R). Hardy had won the seat during midterms and was facing an uphill climb in this Democratic leaning district during a Presidential election year. Kihuen was helped not only by the demographics of the district, but also an election cycle that saw Democrats do very well in Nevada up and down the ballot.

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