Unexpected Results: Race by Race Details

Florida Congressional District 07
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/9/2016 7:11:54 AM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
John Mica (Republican Party)  48.6%
Stephanie Murphy (Democratic Party)  51.4% Winner
Mike Plaskon (Write-In)   
Long serving incumbent John Mica (R) was upset in a surprising early result on election night. Mica the twelve term incumbent was upset by a late entry into the contest by Stephanie Murphy (D) a businesswoman and former Department of Defense staffer. The Florida 7th was redrawn during redistricting earlier in 2016 and the safe seat Mica was familiar with shifted towards a more Democratic leaning district that was largely new to the incumbent. Mica was further hampered by the lack of a traditional campaign staff and he did not embrace new campaign technology in his race.

Florida Congressional District 13
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/9/2016 4:47:29 PM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Charles Crist (Democratic Party)  51.9% Winner
David Jolly (Republican Party)  48.1%
Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist (D) defeated incumbent Representative David Jolly (R) for his Florida Gulf Coast seat. Jolly had been put into a more competitive district by redistricting and had made a run for the U.S. Senate before deciding to run for his old House seat with the re-entry of Senator Marco Rubio into the Florida Senate race.

Illinois Congressional District 10
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/9/2016 12:44:07 AM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Robert Dold (Republican Party)  47.5%
Joseph Kopsick (Independent)   
Bradley Schneider (Democratic Party)  52.5% Winner
Former Congressman Bradley Schneider (D) won his old seat defeating incumbent Representative Bob Dold (R). Dold and Schneider have traded this Congressional seat back and forth going back to 2010.

Minnesota Congressional District 02
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/15/2016 12:14:16 PM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Angela Craig (Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party)  45.2%
Jason Lewis (Republican Party)  47.0% Winner
Paula Overby (Independence Party)  7.8%
Andrew Willmert (Write-In)   
Radio host Jason Lewis (R) won a close election over Angela Craig (D). This suburban Twin Cities district had been represented by John Kline (R) until he announced last year that he would not seek re-election. Kline had supported Lewis' primary opponent, but did endorse Lewis for the general election. This race was considered a pick-up opportunity for the Democrats.

Nebraska Congressional District 02
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/15/2016 3:12:23 PM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Brad Ashford (Democratic Party)  47.3%
Don Bacon (Republican Party)  49.4% Winner
Steven Laird (Libertarian Party)  3.3%
Retired Air Force General Don Bacon (R) unseated incumbent Representative Brad Ashford (D). This swing district had been a major target for national Republican efforts with the district being rated Republican leaning. Rep. Ashford had run a strong campaign and received the endorsement of groups such as NFIB, BIPAC Action Fund, and the U.S. Chamber. In the end a Republican wave and Bacon's strong ties to the Omaha military community helped switch this seat from blue to red.

Nevada Congressional District 04
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/16/2016 9:09:30 AM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Steven Brown (Libertarian Party)  3.8%
Cresent Hardy (Republican Party)  44.5%
Ruben Kihuen (Democratic Party)  48.5% Winner
Michael Little (Independent American Party)  3.1%
State senator Ruben Kihuen (D) unseated incumbent U.S. Representative Cresent Hardy (R). Hardy had won the seat during midterms and was facing an uphill climb in this Democratic leaning district during a Presidential election year. Kihuen was helped not only by the demographics of the district, but also an election cycle that saw Democrats do very well in Nevada up and down the ballot.

New Hampshire Senate
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/15/2016 3:28:48 PM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Kelly Ayotte (Republican Party)  47.9%
Brian Chabot (Libertarian Party)  1.8%
Aaron Day (Independent)  2.4%
Maggie Hassan (Democratic Party)  48.0% Winner
John Riggieri (Independent)   
New Hampshire has been called by the Secretary of State in New Hampshire declaring Governor Maggie Hassan (D) the winner. Incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte (R) conceded the race to Hassan. This had been one of the most contested Senate seats in not only this election cycle, but in history. The seat is only one of two pick ups that Democrats made in a year that they were favored to win the Senate majority. New Hampshire continued its electoral history of not only voting a single ticket for President and Senate, but also for voting out incumbents.

New Hampshire Congressional District 01
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/15/2016 3:59:19 PM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Frank Guinta (Republican Party)  42.9%
Brendan Kelly (Independent)  1.7%
Robert Lombardo (Libertarian Party)  1.9%
Shawn O'Connor (Independent)  9.5%
Carol Shea-Porter (Democratic Party)  44.2% Winner
Former Representative Carol Shea-Porter won back her old seat after defeating incumbent Representative Frank Guinta (R). Guinta survived a close primary, but ultimately could not overcome a Democratic slant in New Hampshire this year to win re-election. Throughout this election year Guinta's campaign was fighting back against ethics allegations that had come from his 2014 election.

New Jersey Congressional District 05
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/15/2016 4:57:12 PM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Claudio Belusic (Libertarian Party)  2.2%
Scott Garrett (Republican Party)  47.2%
Josh Gottheimer (Democratic Party)  50.5% Winner
Incumbent Representative Scott Garrett (R) lost his re-election bid to former Clinton administration speech writer Josh Gottheimer (D). Garrett had been facing a tough re-election due to statements about the national Republican party being too focused on diversity and not holding a strong stand against liberal social issues. Garrett's statements hurt his fundraising and also cost him with independent voters in his northern New Jersey seat.

New York Congressional District 22
Percent Reporting: 100    Last Update: 11/16/2016 11:19:47 AM

Candidate NamePercent Vote ReceivedWinner
Martin Babinec (Reform Party)  12.8%
Kim Myers (Democratic Party)  40.4%
Claudia Tenney (Republican Party)  47% Winner
The retirement of incumbent Representative Richard Hanna (R) left his upstate New York seat open. New York State Assembly member Claudia Tenney (R) won the election for this open seat. This race was supposed to feature a strong third party showing, but businessman Martin Babinec (i) did not collect enough votes to be near either major party nominee.

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