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Federal law requires corporate members to grant prior authorization in order for the executive or administrative personnel of the member corporation to be solicited by AGC PAC. The company may not approve a solicitation by any other trade association for these years.
Granting prior authorization by submitting this form does not obligate you or anyone else in the company to make a contribution nor does it preclude employees of the company from contributing to local, state, ideological or national member PACs.

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You have the right to limit who is solicited in your restricted class. (Please check one box)
My company places no restrictions on the authorization.
My company authorizes AGC PAC to solicit only me.
My company authorizes AGC PAC to solicit the employees on the list I'll send to

If your company is a partnership, an LLC that does not elect corporate treatment for tax purposes, or a sole proprietorship, please contact David Ashinoff at or (202) 547-5013.

For more information, please contact David or download Frequently Asked Questions About Prior Authorization.

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